The storage space running out issue is a problem encountered by users of low end android devices having low internal storage. While some devices come with storage spaces of up to 12GB others are stocked up with 1GB or 2GB internals. the common way this is done is to declare an internal storage of say 4GB and use just 1GB for apps and the other 3GB for other file (videos et al); but it goes without saying that apps run the android system and need i say 1GB is NOT enough especially for heavy app users.
The following steps will guide you through the process of increasing your internal storage space using your SD card.
-Requirements- An SD card, a Windows computer with partition wizard installed, {//get it here}, Link2SD on android {//its here} or just get it from the playstore, a rooted phone and a human operator -thats you.
It goes like this
BACKUP your memory card data
⦁ Connect the card to PC using a card reader (recommended),
⦁ Run minitool partition wizard.
⦁ Click on your SD card and select clear partitions (this step will erase all sd card data but you got a back up so this shouldn’t be a problem.
⦁ After this you should be able to create a partition, -use the FAT32 file system for your regular partition i.e music videos and pics, and the ext-2 or 4 for your apps partition.
⦁ Remember to leave at least 20mb free [un-allocated] on the SDcard,
⦁ After successful partitioning insert the SD card into the phone ad run Link2SD.
⦁ On the app you’ll see the option to mount 2nd partition on SD card, do this and then reboot phone.
⦁ Now using link2SD you should be able to link app data to SDcard’s external partition, thereby freeing up your phone’s internal storage.

that’s all
Thanks for reading, hope this post helped, feedback is appreciated.